Meet The Makers: Sandy from Only One Planet

Meet The Makers Only One Planet

Name: Sandy

Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in Cambodia: From Arizona, USA. Been in Cambodia 5 years, but in Asia for 19 years.

Tell us about your favourite place in Phnom Penh: My rooftop. :-) I love the breeze, the sound of kids playing in the street and the feeling of community all around me.

When did you launch Only One Planet: September 2018

What’s the story or inspiration behind your brand: I searched for a year to find a space that felt right - I initially thought it would be working for a strong NGO or Organisation. I just knew that I wanted to spend my life helping Cambodians in some when I met Pierre and learned about this product (compostable food boxes) that helped to reduce single use plastic, it felt like 'coming home'.

Where does the name Only One Planet come from: Although EcoSense didn't particularly appeal to me (the name that Pierre had given the business), I couldn't register it. I thought for a few weeks and decided that Only One Planet is is 100% what we are about...protecting and nurturing the only home that we have. I think it also conveys a gentle sense of urgency, which I also like.

Out of all your products, which one is your favourite and why: That's a hard choice! But I think I'd have to go for the silicone stretch lids. I used them all the time and always feel a little proud when I find a new use I hadn't thought of before.

What’s the plan for the next year for Only One Planet: At this point, we just want to stay alive! Business is shocking and many of the fall events where we sold a lot of silicone items won't be we are looking for more outlets and retailers to keep our options in the front of people's minds.

Name one thing you cannot find in Cambodia and that you miss: This is disgusting, but Candy Corn!

If you could have any product from the SATU collection (other than your own), what would it be: The Saha set of 3 baskets....they're lovely!

What was the last gift you gave someone: I gave my friend a basil plant.

After answering these questions, you walk outside and find $1,000 on your doorstep. What would you spend it on: I would buy an electric moto for my Cambodian son :-)

About Only One Planet
More and more people are looking for environmental alternatives when it comes to daily use products.  Cambodia has a real dependency on single-use items:  Styrofoam containers, plastic bags, cups, straws and cutlery – each and every piece detracts from the natural beauty of Cambodia and adds to the severe pollution problems we see around us every day. As one of the leading green businesses in Cambodia, Only One Planet provides a wide range of eco-friendly products to businesses and individuals. They believe that if each of us makes just a few small changes, together we can have a significant impact on the environment around us.  Browse the Only One Planet Collection here.

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