Salasusu is a Japanese social enterprise based in Cambodia for over 10 years and dedicated to improving the lives of young Cambodians. Based 35km outside of Siem Reap, they cooperate with local authorities and the community to identify 16-24-year-old women from the most vulnerable social and economic backgrounds, and invite them to join a two- year training program. Women are students of the school 'Sala,' as well as working as producers to earn a living. They learn handicrafts while they receive life skills training. In the factory they say 'Susu' which means 'cheer up!' to motivate each other to do their best in production and in school. During this time they learn vocational skills and earn enough income to support their families. Salasusu also removes the barriers to them coming to work by providing child care, free lunch, transport and a variety of other benefits.