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Meet The Makers: Dhikra & Christophe from Yekowave

Meet The Makers Yekowave

We are two sport, travel and outdoor lovers that wanted to live from their passions. We met in China but it is only once we were in Cambodia that we felt that it was the right country and the right moment to create our business. 

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Meet the Makers: David from The Little Red Fox Espresso

Meet The Makers The Little Red Fox Espresso

What’s the plan for the next year for The Little Red Fox - any new coffee products: ABSOLUTELY! I'm currently looking into some new exciting ways of incorporating our coffee into more beauty products. Honestly, this passion was so completely unexpected but it turns out to be heaps of fun! 

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Meet the Makers: Margaux from Jacobette

Jacobette Meet The Makers


I took a block printing class in an art studio in Phnom Penh just after my girl was born and I loved it. I bought all the materials necessary to do it at home. A friend then asked me if he could buy my first tea towels and it was then the beginning of making more. I mostly get my ideas in my everyday life because I am mostly printing Cambodia themed things".

Find out more about Jacobette from owner Margaux.

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Meet The Makers: Ka-Lai from Manava

Manava Meet The Makers

"Where does the name Manava come from: MANAVA means “human being” in Sanskrit. MANAVA believes in love, people and culture being at the heart of all our designs and products".

Learn more about the amazing Manava from its founder Ka-Lai.

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Meet The Makers: Kai from Cleanbodia

Cleanbodia Meet The Makers

"During my first year in Siem Reap, I heard so many people talk about trips they had taken to Cambodia and how amazing it was except for all the plastic everywhere. I would often find myself upset that plastic was hiding so much beauty. I realized that if I didn't try to do something to fix this issue then I didn't have much place to complain about it. I quickly decided that a biodegradable alternative was needed for all the plastic bags being used in the Kingdom and Cleanbodia was born". 

Learn more about Kai and his biodegradable bags.

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