Cocktails to Make At Home



 Learn the art of cocktail making from the comfort of your own home. These recipes are from Samai, Cambodia's only rum distillery.

Rum Coco  
Samai White Rum 50ml - Buy Here
Fresh Lemon Juice 20ml
Coconut Monin Syrup 20ml
Coconut Water 100ml
Lemon Peel 1
Pour ice cubes into a tall glass, add all the ingredients, stir well, garnish with lemon peel.
Or if you fancy yourself as a bit of a Tom Cruise, put ice into a shaker, add coconut syrup, rum and lemon juice. Shake (a bit of a boogie at the same time also helps), pour into a tall glass and top up with coconut water.


Kampot Treacle
Samai Kampot Pepper Rum 50ml - Buy Here
Apple juice 15ml
Honey Syrup 5-10ml*
Aromatic Bitters 3 drops
In a shaker, add the ice cuber, Samai Kampot Pepper Rum, apple juice and honey syrup. Shale vigorously for 10 seconds and then double strain into a chilled champagne coupe. Garnish with a fresh sprig of Kampot pepper or honey baked apple crisps.
*Honey syrup is half honey and half water, ideally a light and floral honey.


21 Points

Samai Gold Rum 50ml - Buy Here

Fresh Lime 2 wedges

Coca Cola Top Up

Angostura Bitters 2 dashes

Sugarcane 1 stick

In a  rock glass filled with ice, pour Samai Gold Rum, squeeze lime juice from 2 lime wedges and top up with coca cola. Add a couple of dashes of angostura bitters, stir with a sugarcane stick and serve.

 Passionate Distillers

Samai Gold Rum 50ml - Buy Here

Passion Juice 50ml*

Vanilla Syrup 10ml

Soda Water Top up

In a rock glass filled with ice, pour all ingredients, top up with soda water, stir with a bar spoon. Garnish with a fresh passion fruit slice and a mint sprig. 

*To make passion fruit juice, simply blend the pulp of passion fruit in the blender and strain from the seeds. 


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