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Meet The Makers: Kai from Cleanbodia

Cleanbodia Meet The Makers

"During my first year in Siem Reap, I heard so many people talk about trips they had taken to Cambodia and how amazing it was except for all the plastic everywhere. I would often find myself upset that plastic was hiding so much beauty. I realized that if I didn't try to do something to fix this issue then I didn't have much place to complain about it. I quickly decided that a biodegradable alternative was needed for all the plastic bags being used in the Kingdom and Cleanbodia was born". 

Learn more about Kai and his biodegradable bags.

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10 Products to Help you be Plastic-Free at Home

Bumblee Cambodia Cleanbodia Naga Earth Only One Planet Plastic-Free SuperBee

Whether you are already on a plastic-free journey or looking to take those first steps, we've rounded up a selection of our favourite products to help you. 

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