Meet The Makers: Joshua from Broadhead Botanicals

Name: Joshua Weaver

Where are you from originally: A small town of about 800 in the Ozarks. Missouri, USA. 

Tell us about your favourite place  in Phnom Penh: My favorite place in Phnom Penh is at home, in the garden, surrounded by all my fur babies.

What’s the story or inspiration behind Broadhead Botanicals: I lived in Korea for over 15 years. There, I learned to appreciate the art of doing things naturally and slowly. Korean life is super fast paced, but how they treat their bodies, in everything from food to skincare, Koreans have perfected the art of slow and natural. While learning how to make kimchi from a local grandmother, I watched her make a hair growth tonic out of rice wine.  This changed my entire perspective regarding what we put in and on our bodies and my exploration into botanical skincare was born. Most recipes I create are still based on old, traditional Asian methods.

Name one thing you cannot find in Cambodia and that you miss: My grandmother. My grandmother and I are like friends. I love my life here and my only regret is the distance it creates from her.

If you could have any product from the SATU collection (other than your own), what would it be: I want that reusable baking mat! Lol! I loooove being in the kitchen and kitchen tools are my favorite thing to collect. 

What was the last gift you gave someone: Soap and pickles. Not very surprising. Haha. I really like gifting people things I make. 

After answering these questions, you walk outside and find $1,000 on your doorstep. What would you spend it on: I'd probably buy plants. Plants, a home canning kit, good cheese, and that baking mat. 😂 

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