Gift Ideas for Fathers Day

Fathers Day Gifts

With Fathers Day around the corner, it's time to celebrate the real life superheroes in our lives. We've put together a selection of gift ideas that are all locally sourced, ethically made and can be delivered to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh in time for Fathers Day.

Sporty Dads will appreciate a collapsible water bottle. Not only is it practical but it's also good for the environment as he can ditch all those single use plastic water bottles. 


Stylish Dads will be proud to wear a pair of KOW espadrilles. Made in Siem Reap, the soles are made from jute rope, a natural material with low thermal conductivity to keep his feet cool and breezy all season long. We have a selection of 6 colours to choose from.

Shaggy Dads will be wowed by our Darhi Beard Oil. This is a multi purpose product which can be used to moisturise skin and also tame a wild and unruly beard or mop of hair. Just a few drops goes a long way and leave you smelling fresh and irresistible. 

Sleepy Dads will be so grateful to get a reusable coffee cup. They will still be able to enjoy a cup of coffee on the go and will be doing good for the environment by saying no to single use cups.  

Super Dads, the ones who always go shopping for diapers, milk and everything else will love a reusable tote bag. The art work featured is from Pure Evil, a contemporary of Banksy. So much better than getting a new plastic bag every time!

For a special thank you to all of the fathers, grandfathers, and father figures around the world, browse our collection of other gifts for Fathers Day here

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