Solid Perfume - Haze: Vetiver, Cedarwood & Vanilla
Solid Perfume - Haze: Vetiver, Cedarwood & Vanilla
Jungles Kampot

Solid Perfume - Haze: Vetiver, Cedarwood & Vanilla

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Vetiver / cedarwood / vanilla

Pocket-size versions of mysterious, earthy and slightly sweet scent. It’s great for popping in your handbag to carry it with you everywhere. It’s small in size but will last for a long time as you need just a swipe to be bewitched by the haze. And it’s packed with skin-moisturizing ingredients too.

How to use: Gently swipe across the solid perfume a few times with your finger - don't dig. Apply it to the pulse points. Reapply every couple hours or as needed.

INGREDIENTS: Beeswax, sweet almond oil, vitamin e, vetiver essential oil, cedarwood essential oil & vanilla essential oil.


Jungles is a Kampot-based brand inspired by nature and slow living. Life in a small town in Southern Cambodia inspires and teaches us how to be present more often and appreciate nature around us. In our products we use 100% natural ingredients and we try to use environmentally friendly packaging (mostly glass and bamboo) where we can. Our labels are printed on non-pvc plastic with environmentally friendly toner. All the products are hand made in small batches with lots of love.