Mekong Coffee Liqueur - SATU
Mekong Coffee Liqueur - SATU
Mekong Coffee Liqueur - SATU

Mekong Coffee Liqueur

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STYLE | Southeast Asia's finest liqueur for coffee lovers

HEROES | Premium Arabica beans from Chiang Mai (Thailand), Dalat (Vietnam), Mystic Mountain (Laos) and Robusta Beans from Mondulkiri (Cambodia). Less sugar, gluten free and 100% natural.

CHARACTERISTICS | A rich and complex Mekong coffee liqueur.

PERFECT SERVE | Seekers Cold Brew Collins. Or poured over vanilla ice cream.

DISTILLATION | Cold brewed and blended with Seekers cassava vodka.

BASE SPIRIT | Highest grade spirit, derived from Cassava root

Gluten free.

Alc. 25%

Award-winning artisan distillery that celebrates the flavours of Southeast Asia with spirits steeped in rare and surprising botanicals from the Mekong region. Every batch is made to the highest standards with the best ingredients from local farmers. Spirits are distilled in copper stills over naked flames, following one of the oldest forms of distillation. Seekers spirits are made in small batches in their Phnom Penh Spirit House by a passionate team of pioneering distillers.