Mangoes Are For Me
Mangoes Are For Me
Mangoes Are For Me
Mangoes Are For Me
Mangoes Are For Me
Breanne Orndorff

Mangoes Are For Me

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Do you have a favourite fruit? Well, I sure do; mangos! Come along on an adventure with me, where I'll introduce you to a mouthwatering world of flavors. My playful rhymes and vivid illustrations will let you experience these fruits like never before. So come on, hop in a pool with me and drink a coconut or climb a jackfruit tree. And, of course, we will pick mangos together before we are done. Let’s find your favorite fruit! 

Interior Cover Illustrations: Chai Hok 
Printed in Cambodia 
First edition October 2023 
Published by Breanne Orndorff 

Measurements: 172cm x 236cm 

Weight: <1kg 

Material: Hardback with a matte finish, with high-quality matte 250gsm paper for inside pages, with sewn binding.  

Author: Breanne Orndorff 

Illustrator: Diobhas 

Art Director: Breanne Orndorff  

Layout and Formatting: Chai Hok & Glean Asia  

Breanne makes her debut as an author with her first Children’s book, “Mangos Are for Me.” She has lived in Cambodia with her family for twelve years, spending eight of those as a parent. Despite being immersed in countless children’s books, she found none that managed to capture the essence of her children's day-to-day lives. She was fueled to depict her kids’ world and experiences in playful rhymes and vibrant illustrations (thanks to an incredibly talented artist). Her goal? To create a book that allows her kids to see their reality come alive on the pages. Her hope is that she has showcased her kids’ lives from their perspective while honoring Khmer people and culture with “Mangos Are for Me.”