Khmer Coffee Scrub - SATU
Khmer Coffee Scrub - SATU
Khmer Coffee Scrub - SATU
The Little Red Fox Espresso

Khmer Coffee Scrub

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A rejuvenating coffee body scrub that is a rich blend of organic, Southeast Asian coffee grind and all natural Cambodian coconut oil. It's also perfect for mixing into your face mask for that extra boost in skin care. With this nourishing scrub, you will invigorate your skin and contribute to an overall wellness for your body. It's also a genius way to use up all the used coffee grinds from this iconic Siem Reap cafe.


Ingredients: Coffee grounds, coconut oil

The Little Red Fox Espresso is all about the coffee. The concept is simple; a well made espresso embodies the pure essence of coffee. Australian owned and Cambodian run The Fox strongly believes in creating a unique atmosphere. It's one of those characteristic little places where local Cambodian art and music are celebrated and social responsibility comes first.