Ginger Essential Oil
Ginger Essential Oil
Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger Essential Oil

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Ginger has a sweet, spicy, woody and warm scent. Ginger essential oil is a warming essential oil that works as an antiseptic, laxative, tonic and stimulant. Ginger Essential Oil is known to inhibit cellular oxidation that is responsible for skin damage and signs of aging.

Rejunevate face mask (DIY)
To create a toning and nourishing face mask with softening, illuminating, and even aphrodisiac qualities, thoroughly combine 5 drops Ginger Essential Oil, 2 Tbsp. Raw Organic Honey, and 1 Tsp. Lemon Juice, then refrigerate the mixture for 30 minutes. Apply this blend to the face like a mask and leave it on for 30 minutes before rinsing it off with cool water. This mask is known to have a rejuvenating effect on the complexion.

Hair soothing mask and shampoo tips (DIY)
To naturally and effectively sooth a scalp afflicted with dandruff, 2 drops of Ginger Essential Oil can be added to a regular natural shampoo.

For an anti-dandruff Ginger Oil hair mask, combine 10 drops Ginger Essential Oil, 5 drops Extra Virgin coconut Oil and 1 tsp. Lemon Juice. Massage this anti-septic hair blend into the scalp and leave it on for 15-30 minutes before rinsing it out with a regular mild shampoo. This treatment can be repeated three times a week to prevent a dry and itchy scalp and to stimulate hair growth.

Used in medicinal applications: Ginger Oil eliminates bacterial infections on the skin with its antiseptic property. To avert or treat topical infections, dilute 1-3 drops of Ginger Essential Oil in 1 tsp. of Coconut Carrier Oil – or any other carrier oil of personal preference – and gently massage it into the affected area.

To soothe sore muscles, headaches, backaches, and menstrual cramps: Simply dilute 2-3 drops of Ginger Essential Oil in 3 table spoon of milk powder and add in a bathtub filled with water that is comfortably warm rather than hot, as the oil itself has warming properties. Soak in this Ginger Oil-infused bath until the water cools. This also alleviates inflammation while soothing the digestive system to enhance its function.

Improve sleep, libido and your mood: Diffuse 2-3 drops of Ginger Oil in a diffuser of personal preference can improve a negative mood and low libido. By facilitating the onset of sleep and improving sleep quality, diffusing Ginger Oil is known to benefit those suffering from insomnia. It is also believed to enhance energy levels by inspiring positive and hopeful feelings and promoting a balanced and grounded mindset.

Calming and uplifting Blend: 
For a calming and heartening diffuser blend with a tropical nuance that releases anxiety, fatigue, and sadness, combine and diffuse 3 drops Ginger Essential Oil, 2 drops Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, and 2 drops green tangerine Essential Oil.

Cold and Flu blend: 
For a diffuser blend that eases congestion and irritation of the respiratory tract by reducing mucus and inflammation, simply combine 2 drops each of the following essential oils before adding the mixture to a diffuser, based on the amount indicated by the diffuser: Ginger, Tea Tree, peppermint, and Eucalyptus. This blend also eases stress, balances the hormones, and alleviates symptoms of allergies.

Nausea reliever blend: 
To soothe nausea and an upset stomach, blend and diffuse 3 drops Ginger Essential Oil, 3 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil, and 2 drops Peppermint Essential Oil.

Botanical name: Azingiber officinale

Country of origin: Cambodia

Extract method: Steam


Kambio Nature was created by a French family who fell in love with Cambodia and its nature in 2013. In recent years, the increasing use of chemical ingredients in skin care products and its impact on the environment caught their attention. In 2014, they produced the first distillations of essential oils in Siem Reap and in 2015, Kambio Nature was launched. The name is derived from Kampuchea (the ancient country name for Cambodia) and Bio for natural. All products are organic and made responsibly with the European ECOCERT standard.