Dynasty Combo for Kids
Maison Louma

Dynasty Combo for Kids

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Set of 3, jade beads, 18k Gold Plated and glass pearls

One size, adjustable.

To preserve the beauty and brightness of your jewelry, we suggest you to take into account the following gestures and precaution advices.

*Remove it at home for housekeeping (detergents can damage the product), when doing sport or when swimming at the beach or in a swimming pool.

*Unworn, store your piece of jewelry individually in its cotton pouch to avoid frictions and scratches with other pieces of jewelry.

-Do not store them in your bathroom: some metals do not withstand under high humidity conditions.

Maison Louma was created in Phnom Penh in 2023 by Ludivine who is of Chinese origin. Embraced by the cultures she grew up with, the very first collection of Maison Louma is a modern Chinese-inspired selection of meaningful items. Every piece is delicately handmade, with love, in Cambodia. Inspired by the colors, places, people and things that make Ludivine happy.