Khmer Ceramic Soy Candle - SATU
Khmer Ceramic Soy Candle - SATU
Khmer Ceramic Soy Candle - SATU
Khmer Ceramic Soy Candle - SATU
Khmer Ceramic Soy Candle - SATU
Khmer Ceramic Soy Candle - SATU

Ceramic Candle

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These beautiful ceramic candles are hand crafted by talented artisans in Siem Reap. Using only the finest soywax and essential oils these candles are vegan friendly and non toxic. These beautiful pieces can be re purposed once the candle burns.

Exotic Jasmine essential oil encourages us to release stress and anxiety. It inspires and invokes feelings of romance and being connected to our loved ones.

Green Tea
A refreshing scent with notes of Clary Sage, this candle inspires feelings of optimism and invokes a sense of calm.

Lemongrass & Mint
This sunny blend of lemongrass and mint is sure to bring joy and happiness to all who smell it.

A beautiful warm resinous aroma with spicy intense notes. Amber is a mysterious and sensual mood.

The saarti journey started in 2012 when founder, Beck Scougall, made her first candle creation in Siem Reap, Cambodia. A passionate advocate of fair trade and conscious consumerism Beck wanted to create an eco-lifestyle brand using natural and ethical products. Simply translated saarti means beautiful ceremony of light. 'Sa art' is the Cambodian word for beautiful and Aarti is the name of the spectacular Hindu ceremony involving candles and incense. The saarti collection now includes the signature range of hand poured blessing bowl candles, body, skin & hair care products as well 100% natural pure essentials oils. Saarti is committed to using the finest natural ingredients, ethically sourced from Cambodia and the surrounding region and empowering local communities through employment.