Butterfly Pea Flowers Herbal Tea
Butterfly Pea Flowers Herbal Tea
La Plantation

Butterfly Pea Flowers Herbal Tea

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Sweet taste with fine sesame notes

Butterfly pea is a plant whose infused flowers have a natural blue colouring. By adding a couple of drops of lemon, it surprises by turning pink. Appreciated for its delicate taste and its benefits, it is also ideal in cooking and cocktail making.


Ingredients: 100% dehydrated butterfly pea flowers (clitoria ternatea)

Created in 2013, La Plantation is a family-owned, farm-to-table project that is committed to grow and deliver the best sustainable spices in Cambodia. In their flagship farm in Kampot, their head farmer, a 5th generation of pepper growers, respects centuries-old traditions to preserve the taste of the finest pepper in the world. Their production model respects fair trade principles: as soon as they are harvested, their peppercorns and spices are immediately processed on site. This freshness preserves the quality and aroma of their products.