Sacred Dancers of Angkor

Created in 2007, the NKFC Conservatoire Preah Ream Buppha Devi of Dance and Music, combines discipline with ancient Khmer tradition, as with all elements of the Foundation’s programs, and is central to consolidating the work already carried out in the villages. It is the first rural dance school in Cambodia and the first spiritual dance troupe in the world. For 10 years they have been praying daily for peace in the world and the welfare of children. The medium of dance and music not only has healed and reconciled the families with their traditional and cultural values, but also offers support to the children born in the sacred land of Angkor. Khmer Classical Dance is an intangible heritage to the tangible heritage of Angkor. Both are listed treasures of UNESCO. If not living their dreams by dancing, they would be earning dangerously in the fields, brick factories and constructions sites, or worse, prostitution.