Tea Gift Set
Hattha Neary

Tea Gift Set

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The perfect gift for tea lovers! This set contains 8 sachets of Hattha Neary herbal tea (lemongrass, roselle, turmeric, butterfly pea, bael fruit, pandan leaves, tea blend and globe amaranth) and a jar of honey with wooden honey dipper. Each sachet provides 5 - 10 cups of tea.

It is beautifully presented in a palm leaf box and furoshiki cloth wrapping (fabric varies). The tea is collected from small-scale farms and carefully hand processed and packed with eco-friendly packaging. 

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Hattha Neary is a social enterprise founded by Sothon Pheap to empower Cambodian women. The name means handmade by Cambodian women with love. They create herbal and natural handmade products from local ingredients.