Sleep Salve - SATU
Sleep Salve - SATU
Sleep Salve - SATU
Hattha Neary

Sleep Salve

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The human body depends upon quality sleep as much as it depends upon the food we eat and water we drink for acquiring energy to perform all the tasks at hand and also for our bodily functions. However, we tend to compromise with these necessities, which only leaves us restless. Sleep deprivation can affect your health in innumerable ways, resulting in weight gain, headaches, high blood pressure, hormonal imbalance, and infertility, among other issues. This sleep salve can help all the problems above!!! Massage it onto the bottoms of your feet once you are in bed, then put on socks (optional). But wearing socks provides an extra warmth that will help the salve better absorb into the pores in your feet. With regular use, you’ll also find your feet becoming soft and supple. Because ingredients help your body rest and calm down, you can also use the salve to calm your sore muscles. Avoid usage for children and during pregnancy.


Ingredients: Olive oil, Pure essential oils (cinnamon, sweet orange, peppermint, lavender, cedarwood) local coconut oil and bees wax.

Hattha Neary is a social enterprise founded by Sothon Pheap to empower Cambodian women. The name means handmade by Cambodian women with love. They create herbal and natural handmade products from local ingredients.