Siem Reap Candle
Siem Reap Candle
Apsara Glow

Siem Reap Candle

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Champa Flower

Angkor Wat temple is the holy center of Cambodia and home to divine and magical energies which we believe is embodied by the sacred Champa flower. This exotic and sensual night blooming flower is deeply revered in  Khmer culture and you can bring this into your home with our stunning Siem Reap candle. Natural, vegan soy wax candles individually hand poured in Siem Reap, Cambodia and scented with oil blends that pay homage to iconic destinations of Cambodia . The beautiful amber glass can be reused and repurposed making this a perfectly circular product. 

410g, burn time 50+ hours

Artisan scents hand crafted in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Natural botanicals and high quality materials are used to create these luxuriously unique perfumes and candles.