Overalls - SATU
Overalls - SATU
Overalls - SATU


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A versatile piece to add to your wardrobe. Beautifully fit, it has adjustable straps, fitted front and side pockets. Great for any season.

Linen/cotton blend.

XS- waist 73cm, length 96.5cm

S - waist 79cm, length 98cm

M - waist 84cm, length 101cm

L - waist 89cm, length 103cm

XL - waist 94cm, length 105.5cm

Morijana is an ethical fashion brand that embodies the belief that one woman can change an entire community. They make quality linen and cotton-blend garments in classic designs. Founded by Lynn Johnston from Sydney, Australia who passionately believes that developing and giving women skills and creating micro-businesses is key to empowering those in need. Each item is created, pattern designed and managed by Cambodian women; crafted with love. Based in Phnom Penh, Morijana works with women who previously had little access to opportunities for self-empowerment and have high chances of exploitation- such as street recyclers, garment factory workers and those in vulnerable communities. They operate with an open plan work space, fair wages and incentives and each woman receives on-going training and development. Those who have been through their training and have a desire will be supported to start their own micro business