Olive Honey Soap
Olive Honey Soap
Baitang Soap

Olive Honey Soap

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Pure soap made from organic olive oil and organic honey. This luxurious, mild and gentle soap is for the body and you can use it to clean yourself every day with the beauty of pure oils. This is a soap full of antioxidants with healing and moisturising properties. Olive oil soap is perfect for people with very dry and sensitive skin including eczema and psoriasis. Suitable for all skin types. 7% Fat.

We recommend using a Soap Rack to ensure your soap can dry properly and a Loofah to exfoliate the skin.


Ingredients: Olea europaea oil, aqua, sodium hydroxide, cocos nucifera oil, tocopherol-honey. All ingredients are organic/cold pressed.

Baïtang Soaps are hand crafted in Siem Reap. This unique line of luxury, plant based, vegan soaps awakes your senses, leaves your skin clean and healthy and they are totally planet friendly. Baïtang Soaps are created in small batches, using ancient techniques with Cambodian essential oils and herbs, organic french clay and natural fat oils to ensure the benefits of the natural ingredients on your skin. 100% eco-friendly, no toxic ingredients, paraben, sulfate, palm oil and fragrance free...once you've tried a Baïtang Soap, it's hard to use anything else.