Malis Kiss Eau De Toilette
Malis Kiss Eau De Toilette
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Malis Kiss Eau De Toilette

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Jasmine absolute, tuberose, honey, heliotrope

A delightfully fresh white flower bouquet of jasmine blooms and tuberose or Chantou in Khmer. Inspired by sunny mornings at the flower markets along the Siem Reap river with the heady scent of jasmine floating in the air. Artisanal crafted perfumes inspired by the scents and energy of Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonder. Premium essential oils and aromatics have been expertly blended to evoke emotion, memories and wonder in the wearer.


Artisan scents hand crafted in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Natural botanicals and high quality materials are used to create these luxuriously unique perfumes and candles.