Loofah Sponge - SATU
Loofah Sponge - SATU
Anjali House

Loofah Sponge

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Naturally grown in Siem Reap, our loofahs can be used in two ways. Firstly in the shower to exfoliate the skin. Loofahs help to eliminate dead skin cells for smooth and glowing skin. Loofahs can be also be used as a kitchen sponge to clean your pots and pans, dishes and wine glasses. Most shop bought sponges contain plastic so replace yours today with this zero waste alternative. Loofahs are also completely biodegradable and can be composted once you have finished using them.

Our loofahs come from the Anjali House garden in Siem Reap. Anjali House is a local NGO that supports underprivileged children through education, scholarships and community engagement. The garden is one way that Anjali House fosters a love of learning and exploration in their students. Every age group has one hour of formal gardening class each week. They learn about each plant and how to tend and care for it. The children also help the volunteers during their free time to water, weed, and harvest. Learning these skills now will allow them to grow their own food in the future. The goal is for the garden to be 100% environmentally and financially sustainable and the Anjali team has also worked hard to be as ecological as possible, in part by making their own organic compost, fertilizers, and pesticides. The money received from your purchase is reinvested into the garden to ensure that it is self-sustaining.