Galangal Essential Oil - SATU
Galangal Essential Oil - SATU
Galangal Essential Oil - SATU

Galangal Essential Oil

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This root, part of the ginger family, grows in various parts of Asia and is a staple herb in Cambodian cooking. The best part about galangal, though, is the way it fights to keep your body healthy.

Supports Digestion: People suffering from constipation, stomach ache, gas, and other digestive issues can rub a small amount of diluted Galangal Essential Oil on their lower abdomen. The carminative properties of Galangal oil provide instant relief from these issues and support healthy digestion.

Heal Muscle Stiffness: If you feel stiffness in your muscles after a heavy workout or a hectic activity, you can massage the affected area with pure Galangal Essential oil after diluting it. It improves the blood circulation in the area and provides relief from both joint and muscle stiffness.

Prevents Skin Infection: Incorporation of Galangal essential oil in your regular skincare routine can prevent and heal skin infection seamlessly. This is due to its antimicrobial, fungicidal, bactericidal, and antiseptic properties. It is also used to fasten the process of wound healing. add 2 drops of galangal oil with 1 table spoon of coconut oil, mix. apply with a cotton ball on the area gently.

Botanical name: Alpinia galanga

Country of origin: Cambodia

Extract method: Steam


Kambio Nature was created by a French family who fell in love with Cambodia and its nature in 2013. In recent years, the increasing use of chemical ingredients in skin care products and its impact on the environment caught their attention. In 2014, they produced the first distillations of essential oils in Siem Reap and in 2015, Kambio Nature was launched. The name is derived from Kampuchea (the ancient country name for Cambodia) and Bio for natural. All products are organic and made responsibly with the European ECOCERT standard.