Face Mist (Hydrosol) - SATU
Face Mist (Hydrosol) - SATU
Face Mist (Hydrosol) - SATU
Broadhead Botanicals

Face Mist (Hydrosol)

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Hydrosol is basically 100% pure flower water. When making essential oils, two products are actually created -- an oil and a water. A regular, grocery store "flower water" can often be regular water that has had flower fragrance added to it -- it contains no actual floral properties. Only hydrosols are 100% natural floral waters with no added funny business. You'll smell (and feel) the difference. Remember, when you wipe your face, you wipe everything off -- not just the dirt. Always replenish moisture.

Jaz is 100% pure, organic jasmine water extracted during making jasmine essential oil. Moisturizes. Refreshing and uplifting. Packed with antioxidants. Anti-inflammatory. Spray it on throughout the day to keep your face fresh and rejuvenated.

Roz hydrosol is 100% pure, organic rose water extracted during making rose essential oil. Moisturizes. Improves complexion. Protects against damage. Reduces pores and redness. Balances PH. Your grandma wasn't wrong. Rose based products for skin are next to none.

Lavz is 100% pure, organic lavender water extracted during making lavender essential oil. Moisturizes. Calms. Soothing. Antibacterial properties. Spray it on your face throughout the day. Or spray it on your pillow at night for a calming slumber.


Broadhead Botanicals was launched in Phnom Penh in September 2020 after a year of research and development. They use high quality and wherever possible, organic ingredients to create products in small batches. Their founding vision has always been to be affordable whilst using high quality products and they have been very well received by Cambodians and expats alike with a strong return customer base.