Biodegradable Garbage Bags - SATU
Biodegradable Garbage Bags - SATU

Biodegradable Garbage Bags

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Medium Garbage Bags

These bags are great for household kitchen bins and are strong enough to keep your daily trash contained. Dimensions: 70cm tall x 34 cm wide x 16cm deep. Volume: 38 litres.

Large Garbage Bins

Perfect for big waste bins, these bags can be tied and allow you to carry garbage out with the durable handles. These bags can hold over 15kg. Dimensions: 80cm tall (including handles) x 50cm wide x 15cm deep. Volume: 100 litres

Cleanbodia's bags are made with cassava, a root vegetable grown throughout Southeast Asia. The cassava reduces plastic usage and allows the bags to biodegrade in under five years, whether it is in water, soil, or even buried in garbage. But just because they are biodegrade doesn't mean they are weaker. Filled with hot soup or produce from the market, these biodegradable bags are as strong as traditional plastic bags.